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Macksville. NSW. 2447

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Jenny's Kitchen provides a delicious range of handmade & home made jams, chutneys, relish, pickles & honey. All the products are made from locally produced ingredients that are selected for their quality, picked from the farm & transferred straight to the kitchen.

All of Jenny's products are made with love in Jenny's Kitchen. That's our guarantee.

Handmade & Home Made

This is Jenny's story:

My earliest memory of my Mother’s kitchen has to be me as a 3 year old perched upon a stool watching her stir a large pot on the stove. The memory of those aromas of jams and chutneys, made from fruit or vegetables grown in our family garden in the backyard, is still very much with me.

When I was growing up there was no such thing as buying jam, chutney, relish, honey or pickles from a supermarket. Such things were always made at home. Even my Father turned his hand at producing a good Tomato Relish and kept several hives to supply the family with honey. While mostly my Mother’s tried and true recipes are used for Jenny’s Kitchen, when it comes to relish it is Dad’s tomato relish recipe that I still make today.

My parents have passed away but I feel blessed to be able to reproduce the recipes that my Mother made for us all those years ago. I hope she would be rather proud to know that I have continued to make the many wonderful handmade and homemade jams and chutneys, from her slightly worn & well thumbed cookery book that she generously left for me.

When my husband and I moved to the Mid North Coast we were pretty excited because we knew that we would be able to grow or source locally the fruit and vegetables that would be needed to produce a good handmade jam, chutney, relish or pickles. Using local produce is a very important aspect of what Jenny's Kitchen does. Being able to promote the local produce in such a way gives credence to the fact that the Mid North Coast is such a productive food bowl, and that with a little love, care and perseverance, just about anything will grow.

The productivity of my neighbours and friends allows me to produce a highly sustainable product that represents the abundance of quality produce from this area. Often the fruit and vegetables given to me are only ever grown for the family or to give to friends. It is this love and tradition that makes Jenny’s Kitchen a very special place.

We look forward to sharing it with you.