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Jenny's Kitchen provides a delicious range of handmade & home made jams, chutneys, relish, pickles & honey. All the products are made from locally produced ingredients that are selected for their quality, picked from the farm & transferred straight to the kitchen.

All of Jenny's products are made with love in Jenny's Kitchen. That's our guarantee.


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New to Jenny's Kitchen: Makopa & Red Capsicum Relish.

Jenny Gibson

It's a little exotic.

Some generous friends recently gave me some Makopa. You may know this fruit as Wax Jambu or the Wax Apple, bell fruit, rose apple or Java Apple. Regardless of the name, the fruit is a gorgeous pink in colour and bell shaped. The fruit grows well in tropical and seemingly sub tropical climes.

I have made my very first batch of Makopa & Red Capsicum Relish and it has literally walked out the door! Those who have had the chance to sample some recently will possibly agree that it’s a little exotic & it is certainly piquing people’s interest!

Typically you can use my new Makopa & Red Capsicum Relish on cold meats or when combined with some cream cheese it makes a delicious topping to serve on crackers for nibbles or a light lunch.

If you need to know more about Jenny’s Kitchen Makopa & Red Capsicum Relish you can find us at the markets listed here or you can contact us.